Sunday, May 04, 2008

Oh My God

Oh: I am amazed

My: He chose me, I respond, it is personal

God: no other word describes the creator of all

Jars of clay has a song, " Oh my God" I think you can listen to it here

I am praying some
reading some
writing a few notes, letters

and staying in mostly
unless I go for a prayer and inspiration walk.

Pray hard, people.


Carmi said...

Jars of Clay is one of my all-time favorite bands. Their tunes give me chills. Good ones.

Still praying, my friend. We're all with ya.

Even Michele!

David said...

G-d bless you, friend.
results so far:
much awareness of my gifted position, of my own value, and of the amazing world around me.
Gathered a lot of quartz, revitalized a 'yard sale" table fountain, moved my bird Mango to better, bigger, more fun cage, and killed off many dandelions. Planted some aster seeds indoors and just made a warm and cozy fire. G-d reigns.

( other readers, if you do not know why the vowel is left out, ask me.

Bob-kat said...

Hi,From your comment above it sounds like you have been very productive! I hope the prayers have bought you what you need, It sounds like they have.

Here from Michele's.