Saturday, May 24, 2008


everything is
going to

I was enjoying summer like heat
and long days
then we got snow on Thursday.

I am so enjoying my therapy sessions
with Susan. she is so intuitive and oozes compassion.

i STILL DO NOT HAVE internet at home
guess what?
I like it that way.

sort of

sorry I do not visit you more often


Jennifer said...

I miss you! I'm glad you're still alive and kicking over there!! There's no way I'd make it more than a day or two without brave soul!

Snaggle Tooth said...

It does really change your entertainment activities, n free up tons of hours lost to clicking.
But I'm too lonely without it here. I did that all last summer, remember?
At least it's nice out for the kayak, n you have work projects to keep you busy.

I hope you find a happy medium of on n off time when you get it back. I do alot less than I used too, but always want to come back to check on old friends like you now n then!

Kai said...

That reminds me of the Bob Marley song we heard in Jamaica!

Snow?? Wow - I'm sure you must be kidding!! Please don't send it north, ok? :-)