Wednesday, April 30, 2008


seems like we have mostly ONE way to define work.
and so much of what I do does not fit that definition.

Much of my recent work has been "personal work".

Some aspects of what I accomplish go to my work for my family.

There is work for which I feel unprepared, under qualified and
woefully inadequate. I try anyway, because to not do so would be
to deny what is best in me.

I am, therefore I risk, and reach out and extend beyond the safe zone.
I lose. I blow it. I get further behind in my work
and more discouraged, and ask God what is going on.

Maybe I should stick to my work.

1 comment:

Snaggle Tooth said...

Without mistakes you can't grow n learn-

Personal work is my fav, as an artist. Predictable life is not interesting!

Good luck with the next job!