Monday, April 14, 2008

words: in no particular order

portfolio: something I have started, to have a visual record of my work

tuning in: by turning off the AM radio part of my life, my new soundtrack will have more self talk and classical music.

health: i can not be my own doctor, but I can make better nutritional and lifestyle choices.

business v. "busy-ness': for the sake of the progeny, giving myself the opportunity to make more money at the same time being highly satisfied with what I do and who I work for.

reserve: holding something back, not driving way below the 'E' on my gas guzzler just to later boast about coasting into the gas station running on fumes. It is getting old. it is making me old. in my personal life this looks like more reading time, more lake time and less driving endlessly in my car full of crap.

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