Saturday, April 19, 2008

from real clear politics

If you wish good reading,
I submit a Victor Hansen (paper) speech on race and America:


my favorite passage:
"We must always appreciate the unique nature of America, an experiment that unites a multiplicity of religions, races and ethnicities, and endures only to the degree we all adhere to a common set of values. We must never think that because the United States has sometimes not been perfect, it is not good."

Many thanks to my son for sending it to me.
Mr Hansen was previously a teacher at Oren's school
Fresno State.

go bulldogs!

I am going to the movies, to see Expelled
see trailer HERE


Bob-kat said...

I like that passage a lot. I think it could equally apply the UK in many ways.

Michele sent me over to pondor this.

Carmi said...

I like the sentiment of that passage. The imperfect-but-still-good thing resonates especially strongly in my head: all too often, we write people - and nations and all sorts of defined entities - off because they fail to meet a certain standard.

In doing so, we lose the goodness in them as well. The world needs to become more tolerant. Thank you for the reminder, David.

The kayak in the water sounds lovely. The closest I can come is my bike tires on pavement - nowhere near as poetic!

R. Sherman said...

Hi. Sort of, but not really, here via Michele.

I love the quote. To state it differently, we are a country whose identity is predicated not upon a language or a tribal connection but upon an idea: All Humans are equal and have a right to try to be happy.

Amazing stuff, really.


OldHorsetailSnake said...

nice thoughts, David. I am here from Michele's place.

Teena said...

Hi! Michelle says hello!

Have a great weekend!

craziequeen said...

Hi david, Michele sent me to see if you're still awake? :-)

I like that quote - but it could be used on any country, race or creed anywhere in the world.
Question - do Americans not mind their country being called an 'experiment'?

As for the film trailer, I have come across Intelligent Design previously over the last 20yrs. It has been attacked, debunked and reconfirmed regularly. Perhaps Mr Moore and Mr Gore's films have encouraged Mr Stein to produce his own now.
Perhaps the fact that we don't KNOW the secret of life is the backbone to all these debates - Creationism, Darwinism, ID, alien management....would life be boring if we knew the secrets?

Life itself is SOOO out of my realm of knowledge that I comfort myself by celebrating its existence rather than questioning its origin.