Friday, March 14, 2008

Dear God,
please do not let it snow
or Saturday.
I just don't think I can handle it right now.

im tired, and cranky
even without more white stuff.

see what you can do about that

a long time admirer


Jennifer said...

I'm tired and cranky too. At least you're still posting...I am trying to get psyched up to post! I'll pray for you, if you say one for

kenju said...

I hope He answered your prayer, David. I am longing for spring to come here, even though we have had a very mild winter.

Bubblehead said...

When I returned from my January trip to Asia I was so happy to see my beloved Wyoming blanketed in fresh white snow. I revelled in the -28F weather and truly enjoyed my winter. After my last trip, wearing shorts in Hong Kong and t-shirts in Korea, I was ready to be done with the cold. But oh-no. We are in for a truly dreary spring here. Maybe I am glad I have to (get to?) go back to Asia next week....

Nice to see you again, I've been gone too long.