Saturday, February 23, 2008

On the agenda

driving my sweet daughter to her
rehearsal for All county Orchestra.

Normally its about 1.5 hours
at highway speeds

Today its all icy
and a weekend, could take a bunch longer.
but she is worth it.

I need a nap already.

Temp 21 ( at 6:40 am)
Roads, snow and ice the first 30 miles
Sun expected, and good music....


gautami tripathy said...

Of course, she is worth it.

Michele sent me here to chher youup in the icy weather.

David said...

i am so pleased that dear daughter continues to love her music and appreciate her instructors.
we made it back in time for... More snow flurries.

Suzanne said...

music is a wonderful thing for children! Good for her!

colleen said...

Are you going to blog as you drive? Glad you're feeling better.