Monday, February 04, 2008

if women were logical

they would be men
and then the world would be so boring

bring on the drama,
the tears
the bafflement.

my new slogan:

A B H 2008

( anyone but Hillary)


David said...

i KNOW the button is totally WRONG
but I could not resist

Terry said...

Dear David...
Thanks for your visit.
I see that your name is another of my favourite links that I lost when I changed my template so I will add it on. I had lost quite a few.

Yes Canada is just as bad as the United States, if not worse as far as the Lord and the Bible being kicked out of the schools.
The public schools here are not permitted to have a Christmas concert anymore. It has to be called a Winter concert and Christmas carols have been replaced by new age songs.
One of the songs that really irks me..".Let the world have peace and let it begin with me."
Some weak and dead start THAT would be! We know that the only peace that can come to this world is from Jesus, eh?
The children don't even have the Pledge Allegiance to the Flag anymore either because it would be infringing on the rights of those kids who are taught not to salute the flag.
In grade five every year the students used to get the Gideon New Testament..THAT was abolished.
One good thing that I really respected our prime minister for was when he swore all of the cabinet members into office, they all had a Bible in their hand..

Well enough of this...I have talked way too much David, but that poem that Bill and Judy sent really hit the spot!!

Take care. I am off to put your name back of my blog....God's blessings to you.....from Terry