Sunday, February 17, 2008

beware comments

that say,
see here

and nothing else.
its spam
and may be a sort of spyware

so i am saying "no thanks, Ivan"
and not publishing that comment.

ok have a good day

yes I am feeling much better, off to church!


Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Yes! I have had this same problem, David. I had to turn my captchas on for a week, and that solved that. Ugh. I hate those things.

Hang in there. Being spammed means you're popular enough for the spammers to find you.

Michele sent me today!

Mar said...

Don't let them spoil the blogging fun...!!

Mike said...

Spam sucks! Not the kind in the little can which goes well with eggs for breakfast but the computer kind.

Michele sent me.

Snaggle Tooth said...

I've had a few, where you'd see a "comment deleted" I avoid clicking over to those sites-
Upload n run free "spybot search n destroy" to squish it- quick!

Don't beware of my comments- I come in peace!

Jennie said...

David! Deal with the surroundings once you get there?!?! It's heaven - heaven will be heaven! No "dealing"! Just chuckling at your Michele comments. Your pictures here are absolutely beautiful. Do you really have those views of the mountains? Gorgeous. Have a good night.

Joyce said...

Hey David!
Just stopping by to let you know I'm finally back. You have been one of a faithful few to keep in contact--even though I haven't replied, I appreciate it greatly.

Hope you'll stop by.