Thursday, January 10, 2008

My blog feels:

this space feels neglected
the visits here by myself are full of sadness,
long gone are the days of energy and enthusiasm for what
I might write, might see and interpret.
the only pictures I take lately are of work
which I dread going to.

I miss blogging, but have no sense of myself that used to occupy this space.
I am lost in a morass of dealings, calculations
and trying to balance all that with the
important stuff of life.

I fear I am losing my sanity
because the things that matter so much
to so many people have me screaming inside
"I just want to be free.
Leave me alone, do not call!
I need a day to just read a flippin' book for God sake!"

headed now for the recliner,
and a few minutes of rest,
then the night shift starts.


Sara said...

Hello Michele sent me to say that I hope the time spent in the recliner is peaceful...and that you gain some energy...

kenju said...

David, your post troubles me. I hope you can get some rest and solitude soon.

Chris said...

little prayers being said for you. Rest away my friend...

Jennifer said...

I have been worried about you. You don't seem like yourself lately :(. (hugs)

colleen said...

I have never been able to hold down a nine to five for several reasons, but I always wonder how people do and then still have a life. I hope you take a long weekend at least soon. Michele sent me back.

kenju said...

Michele sent me back to see if you are better today, David. I sure hope so.

Anonymous said...

Big (((hugs))) coming your way from up here in the Great White North!

I must say though, even in sadness, your words are poetry.

Carol said...

Hi, David, Sorry I have not been by for awhile, I understand exactly how you must be feeling. I have not had a whole lot of time for blogging and doing things I want to do, like catching up a good book, recline in a chair, which I hope you have been able to do and been able to rest some..

Blessings and prayers coming your way

Snaggle Tooth said...

Maybe there hasn't been enough sunshine for you lately. I've been trying to get some more bright sun in, but it's been so cloudy-
You're not alone feeling blue!

Barbara said...

David - I hope this feeling is only temporary for you.

My blog is neglected too, I've been putting my creative energy into my work.

I had to look up yhe last word on this post.

David said...

hehe - barbara
always better to swear in the mother tongue

Dara said...

I have been feeling not myself lately as well - trying to remember the darkness before the dawn metaphor. A few days ago, a ray of sunlight broke through and it is enough to hold onto to continue climbing up and out. I hope the same holds true for you, and I'm sure Michele does too.

angel said...

ah, doesn't it just drive you nuts when life interferes!
i hope you feel less hassled soon...