Saturday, December 22, 2007

trust me

i am more sorry for not posting than you are for not visiting.
but we are all busy

somehow i did most of my shopping weeks ago
and will have little to do on Christmas eve but drive mom
to Santa Monica, where my dear sister laurel resides ( and WRITES)
(if you know a teacher or principal, you want her books to give or recommend)

So I have not been able to blog much
Last night I fell into my recliner at nine
woke at midnight, moved to the bed at about 1 am
and was OUT until 8.

I am now rested,
stil stressed
and REALLY looking forward to three days
of family time.

Gog bless you all,
and Merry Christmas.


Suzanne said...

Merry Christmas!

Jennifer said...

Believe me, I understand. Two more days of total stress for me, then two days off :) Bless you, dear friend...and I hope your Christmas is a merry one!! *hugs*

Kara said...

Michele Sent me to say "Have a Merry Christmas!" Enjoy your family time, I know I will be enjoying mine.