Tuesday, December 25, 2007

dazed, confused

I am the mime, in the invisible box
feeling my way first left then right
finding only the limitations
of my shrinking choices
the place I lived was unbounded
mostly due to my naivete
as I learn, grow and grapple
with reality
I am hemmed in by
the places my heart will not let me go
and the strictures my mind has put in place
i struggle for the open air of yesterday
but find that I am breathing
the same dwindling oxygen over and over
I shall not die
but I surely can not thrive with
this stifling knowledge
holding me in its grip.
what do i have
and what can I do with where i am?


kenju said...

David, that is a well written poem, but the gist of it is sad, and I am hoping that you will find your answers soon. I hope you had a good Christmas!
MIchele sent me tonight.

David said...

thanks Judy, it was the best response I could manage,
JT: I got your card today, thanks.

Snaggle Tooth said...

Better to express it than bottle it all inside like me-
I've been bad sad lately, but not sharing it, or using the inspiration.

Good metaphor n story-