Saturday, November 03, 2007

pay no attention to the news

ignore the problem in Pakistan
forget that Hillary is about to be revealed as having a lesbian affair.
do not fret about home mortgages, or the cost of oil.

Pay attention to this:

My breakfast consisted of
4 eggs, 5 sausage, two rye toast and
a partridge in a pear tree,
washed down with Chai tea

now I will go work all that off,
and continue to lose inches off my belly.

Work is so cool, work for money is cooler,
work for money, with Jesus at your side is the coolest!


gautami tripathy said...

India is affected by what goes on in Pakistan. We can't ignore that!

Michele sent me here!

David said...

G T : I am sorry, i did not mean you,
of course we care about India, without India, we would have no tech support, or customer service.

Snaggle Tooth said...

I can't ignore the weather on the news. When I went outside today I almost got blown away, n decided to stay home.

I did ignore the news when the power was out for an hour tho!

mmm eggs

Anonymous said...

David, that is one big honkin' breakfast my friend!!!

Michele says hi.

Jennifer said...

I think that after a breakfast like that, I'd have to sit and let it settle for a while, especially since the pear tree would probably provide a great deal of roughage.
Have a great weekend! :)

Shannin said...

Hi, David - Michele sent me! Hope ypu had a great breakfast!

Carmi said...

Hey David. Thank you so much for the kind comment on Michele's. It was our son's bar mitzvah this weekend, so I've been somewhat absent from the blogosphere (though, admittedly, I sneaked the occasional read on my BlackBerry!)

I'm trying to capture my thoughts in words now. Not easy!


(And thanks for the chai tea reminder. I've developed a major taste for it in recent months. And the temp outside is calling for a large mug of it tonight.)

Russ said...

The eggs are from real chickens.
The milk is from real cows.
Thes sausage is from Jimmy Dean...
What the?!?!?!?

MissMeliss said...

With the exception of the partridge (which I'm told tastes like chicken) that sounds delicious.

Rye toast is a favorite of mine.