Wednesday, November 21, 2007

i did not know i was this close

for $9725
and four weeks of full time school
I can be a (trained) massage therapist

then I would probably need to test for national certification.

then I can start the process of "leaving the construction world".
I want a new start in part because
in much the same way that federal poverty programs decimated the family,
and the "protect all plants" policy has put our forests at risk,
over engineering and wildly strict codes have ruined building.

I just like to rub people's sore muscles and make them feel better
if I get paid for it, THAT is too cool.


Terry said...

Hi David...Thanks for the visit.
I think it is real nice that you want to be a massage therapist.
In Canada there is a real shortage of them and there are all kinds of jobs around. Is it the same in the States?
You have to have strong hands to be a massager and I guess with all the contsruction work that you have done, you will be a good one and plus the kindness of your heart to help sore people will really come in handy!...Terry

kenju said...

Massage therapy is a special calling, David, and I think it takes great compassion to want to do it. I am not surprised that you are on that path. Happy Thanksgiving!

Jerry in Tampa said...

Good luck on the transition!!!!
Awesome blog - love the pics!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Michele sent me and I will be back!

Jerry in Tampa