Saturday, October 20, 2007


we will have dinner tonight at my mom's
My brother and a long time family friend are visiting.
My sweetie and I and maybe the kids will drop in
i think it will be BBQ steaks and salmon, or something like that.
then massage, me giving, not receiving.
It all makes me smile


Anonymous said...

have a great time with the family!

jel :)

Catherine said...

I love family dinners - and salmon sounds wonderful, too.
Here from Michele's again.

Anonymous said...

All this talk of massage! Lucky you! :-)

Thumper said...

Michele sent me to get a sudden craving for BBQ. Oh man, that sounds terrific!

Carmi said...

It makes me smile too, mon ami. I hope you had a great time with your deserve to be surrounded by warmth and love.

angel said...

so are you still all chilled out...?

David said...

no angel, back to the salt mines om monday.

Kai, thanks for the visit, hope you enjoy Mexico.
Carmi, EXACTLY, my family is my sanity.

Anonymous said...

How are U David?