Monday, September 03, 2007

Labor day

it got well named, that is all I will say.

worked quite a bit today, some business but no pleasure.
although there is a terrific (david) ADD story in it.

One day I brought home a free chair for the front porch.
It was really comfy for sitting watching the sun light the eastern sky and for writing in my notebook. Anticipating the move, and wanting more space on the front porch my x-wife, henceforth referred to as the children's mom, evicted it to the curb in the hope that someone would pick it up and take it away. Then the rains started, and the chair was mush.
I ignored it. So did all the other people who drive past my house.

Today as the trailer filled to go to the dump, she insisted that the chair be part of the load.
When I toppled it off at the dump, the cushion came off, I said to Gary, my friend/helper," I want to sit in it one more time." When I picked up the soggy cushion and placed it on the chair, I saw a greeting card ( soggy) on the ground. I wondered whose words might be there, and retrieved it and opened it to find.....
( fill in your guess- below in comments)

---- and the envelope please ---

anonymous d. had it right, first.
she knows I always find sums of money when I least expect it.
( my cleaning lady once called me to say she found $180 in my jeans)

I picked up the card and opened it, it was blank ( i had put it there LONG ago )
and 5 Twenty dollar bills were soaked, but otherwise spendable.
I gave Gary $40 so he would could share the joy properly.
He has not worked in a year.

I spent some on a garage sale dresser for my room.
and some towels.


Carmi said...

Ooh...I'm not gonna say it's from the children's mom. That would be too easy.

It's from your next door neighbor, who always loved the fact that you treasured the world more than anyone she had ever met. She simply wanted to bring a smile to your face with a few well placed words.

Isn't it funny how sometimes a simple object can be infused with so much meaning. A chair isn't really a chair when it has such history.

Here from Michele's tonight. Looks like it's just you and me, kid.

Barbara said...

a Valentine's card from your children's mother?

David said...

hahaha - no Carmi
and No barbara ( wizardess of the template)

for future guessers, think less sentimental, more practical

David said...

there were five of them
and sogginess did not dampen my enthusiasm at seeing them again.

gautami said...

I think I am the last one today to get here from Michele. Over here it is already tomorrow..Te he, te he!

Were those from some sinister sisters living in the neighbourhood?

Jayleigh said...

OOoh I can't wait to find out. Perhaps it was from one of your kids, asking for money.

Anonymous said...

In God We Trust....a monetary greeting


angel said...

no i give up- thats so cool- i'm dying to know what was in it!

Lisa said...

It was a note from a long deceased relative, who happened to be friends with the people who you got the chair from?

Thanks for your visit and comment the other day. I hope you visit again! :-)

Joe said...

OK...I won't guess that they were from the children's mom (even though that's what I first thought).

Let's see...they were from a relative and had money in them.

Barbara said...

So cool. A silver lining in the couch.