Wednesday, August 15, 2007

sunrise, sunset, old house, new house

trying hard to pull it all together
major stressors in several areas
time is abundant
focus is not, yet
i could use a breakthrough
and absolutely could not make it
if it were not for
caring family and friends.

being able to blog helps, too

i posted another lake picture at my

Moving day approaches


Bob-kat said...

I hope things improve for you soon. It's great you have caring family and f.riends

Barbara said...

Have fun packing.

Heather said...

Hello, Michele sent me. Good luck with the move. Speaking from tons of experience, label the boxes well and if you forgot you owned it, you don't need it, get rid of it instead of having to carry it.
The lake photos are beautiful btw.

mar said...

Oh, when exactly is your moving day???
thanks for your links, David. Both your photoblog and the ones you left in your comment :)

David said...

i will post this later:
I got the house I wanted! yay!

will start the move in five days, and will allow 9 days to complete the transfer of lots of boxes

and later ( like labor day)
i can go yard sale-ing for the furniture I will need.

God is good.

Mr. Althouse said...

That's a beautiful shot. The title suits it well - Tranquility...

Somehow I always think of the moon when I hear that though!

Michele sent me,


mar said...

I love your sense of humor.And it has to do with the comment you just left via Michele's :)

Anonymous said...

moving is never fun, even if ou are going somewhere that you love.

I hope that all finds you well.
I'm sure michele hopes for the same.

angel said...

praying you'll find a house dude...
going over to see your photoblog!