Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Splitsville: episode two, Condiment wars!

in case anyone in Television is reading, I though of this FIRST!

A real time, non scripted show featuring former roommates, or ex-lovers, or used to be boyfriend-girlfriend couples that are now parting ways and having to divide all the stuff that has accumulated during the years.

Disclaimer: this is not based on my life, just came out of my insanely fertile brain, as I am looking at the packing of all things "here" into two sets of boxes.

In this weeks episode the refrigerator is being cleaned out and the cast members are deciding who owns the mustard, and in particular the Grey Poupon. You know that roommate A is a type A who only buys the finest, roommate b has few funds for feckless frivolity, and buys store brand 'Old yeller" mustard in the jumbo quart jar. This one is a no-brainer, but who will take custody of all the seven types of BBQ sauce, or the Extra Virgin Olive oil???? Stay tuned!


Barbara said...

Give in on the small things, take a stand on the bigger things. At least that's the way I would do it.

David said...

its just a TV show idea, Barbara.
(oh yeah I claimed the Italian seasonings.)

BJ Scoggins said...

I just thought of you so I decided to drop by.

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A Army Of (Cl)One said...

Dang it! now Fox or The CW is going to run that next season.

Hello from Michelle

craziequeen said...

hi david - I think I starred in an early version of this show...



gautami said...

I think, we are always looking at the bigger picture ignoring the immediate small ones which give us much more pleasure if we let them.

There I go rambling again..Michele knows my mood today.