Friday, July 27, 2007

very little advance notice

I am celebrating number 52 soon
and here is what I dream of: (kayak kit)

I dream of so many projects and possibilities
but if there WAS a fairy godmother
and she dropped one of these off for me
I would relish putting it together
and paddling it about my beautiful lake on quiet mornings.

otherwise i will clean out my dirty car
and sort my socks


Jennifer said...

Last year it was a sailboat, this year a kayak...I am sensing a theme here ;)
When's the big day? My daughter's turning 13 on the 2nd, and I'll be 36 in September :)

Terry said...

David...I think you had better just resign yourself to the fact that you shadn't be getting the Kayak Kit.
Face it like a 52 year old man.
Clean out your dirty car and sort out your stinky socks!

I have put your site on my favorite links right under Minerva.......Terry

David said...

Jennifer, 8-2

Terry, my socks are clean, the car is what is stinky.

Felisol said...

Dear David,
it's midnight in Norway, but I got this message to pray, so I'll do just that.
WOW, to be 52 years young. If I could turn the clock back five years, I'd be the happiest, and I think I'd do better choises and value even more what I had.
Last year we had the chance to paddle on one of the lakes nearby in a canoe. I do so regret that I chickened out. Now one of the participants is lying seriously ill, and just that time will not come back.
But I hope we can make a canoe trip anyway. That's not so scary as the kayak.
God bless you David today and ever more.
Felisol "On The Far Side Of The Sea"

SzélsőFa said...

Have a Happy Birthday, David - being 52 seems quite a nice an age to me. (I'm 37).
The comment above you in Michele's site was really a spam, a motor that gets your email and other data. I think it comes from someone who wishes to ruin that nice game of Michelle's. I'm quite new to the game myself, but I heard that Michelle was worried about leaving the site 'alone' for the weekend. I hope nothing bad will happen.

Dak-Ind said...

happy birthday, from michele and us, too!

Terry said...

Dear David...I am glad to see Felisol here commenting.
Don't tell nobody but she is my best friend!
Jel is my sunshine,
Susan Walker Girl is my kindred spirt.
Noel Lewis is my friend forever
Pilgrim Pals are ALL my buddies
Heather and Minerva are my two treasures that I pray for,
Jim is my singing telegram man
David Fisher is my boss.
etc.etc etc...
Hmmm I haven't placed what that David S yet but I will wait and see...from Terry

angel said...

what a fantabulously cool thing to have on your birthday list!!!