Sunday, July 08, 2007

Sunday- going to meet with the saints

off to worship,
will try to post something later about coffee beans
or butterflies
or back pain

i wonder which, or can I tie it all together?


Moogie said... were observing the beautiful butterflies, and slipped on some coffee beans, thereby, hurting your back. You went to church to pray for the easing of your pain. Hey..I know that's bad but I should at least be given credit for trying. :) Hope the back pain gets better.

Madame Courtney Whiny Complainy Pants, Esq. said...

Been having awful back pain all week. I'm finding rest, iced coffee, and Harry Potter helpful.
Here via Michele.

Chris said...

Have a wonderfully, blessed day my friend!

Jennifer said...

I am passionate about both butterflies AND coffee beans, although not so much about back pain, so I want to hear it all! :)

Shirley Buxton said...

Once there was a butterfly whose circuit was the San Bernardino Mountains. He slipped his moth-hood in Crestline, and for awhile lilted contentedly around with his buddies, going from flower to flower, sucking nectar, pollinating trees, (do butterflies do that?) and generally displaying his masculine fineness and desirability.

On the first day he became a teen-ager, an exceptionally splendid specimen flitted beside him, twirling and gyrating so that a surge of something he had never felt before swept over his butterfly heart. She tipped her wings, looked full into his lusting eyes...and they were married.

"Where shall we go for our honeymoon?" he asked his beloved.

"Big Bear, of course. I've always wanted to go to Big Bear. But on the way, let's stop at Starbucks. You know the one I mean--the one in Blue Jay. We'll have a sip of coffee there, and take a pound with us so that in our secret nest, we can grind our own coffee."

"A pound? A pound of coffee. Do you know how much that weighs?"

"Yes, dear." She nudged up against his broad chest. "It weighs a pound."

"But a pound?...a pound for a butterfly to carry...that's a lot."

"Not for a brawny model such as you," my sweetheart.

"Well, okay, I'll try."

They sipped their wedding meal from Zinnias they found in Jensen's flowerbed, topped off with a very small cup of French Roast Starbucks, thick with cream.

Although I am not just sure how it was done, she went to the counter, ordered the pound bag of coffee beans, and conned a man into taking it outside to her husband. "You see how small I am," she told the man. "I can't carry that bag."

"Okay, we're ready. Ready to go on to Big Bear," she spoke to her groom who now had a pound bag of French Roast laying at his feet...butterfly feet, you understand.

He stared at the bag, looked over at his smiling, expectant bride and attempted to lift into the air the bag of coffee beans. It was at that point, that his back totally collapsed, and if you go to Jensen's market this afternoon, you will find his sacrificed, martyred body, stretched beautifully on the hot pavement. And if you look carefully, you may glimpse gossamer wedding garments circling daintily overhead.

Jennifer said...

Oh, it's gorgeous!! Did you take that picture???

angel said...

so did the coffee beans get the better of the backache and let the butterflies take over...?

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful picture!

I think that same butterfly must have visited me and then flown down to visit you :-) I took a very similar shot a few weeks ago - they are so amazing aren't they?