Thursday, June 07, 2007

S T O P !

stop the illegal alien amnesty bill.
Contact your senators and congressmen

Go see Tom Tancredo ( CO ) and support his campaign
to stop the immigration legislation before the senate
Save the USA .

more poems and such later this week.

------------ UP date _________-------
it did not pass- THANK GOD!


Anonymous said...

What a neat blog!

Michele sent me and I'm glad she did. You're an interesting person David....God bless you.

panthergirl said...

What exactly do you think should happen to the illegal aliens who are in this country, working to support their families? Deport them, and leave their US Citizen children without parents?

The Statue of Liberty says otherwise. The real problem is that US citizens don't want to do the crap work that we pay illegals to do, and certainly not for the same wage.

It's a difficult situation, and I don't think that there is a simple solution to it. Maybe if we didn't have a simple president we could come up with something.

David said...

i am conflicted, panthergirl, as are many. compassion is a great thing, and I commend you for yours.
I happen to love that some people are here and serving and working to better themselves. Others are not! Our state and federal govt's need to protect their CITIZENS, from all threats, or the citizens will rise up.
That said, I do believe that Mexicans should live in Mexico and fight to bring their country along to a better standard of living. God knows they have had plenty of foreign aid from the US.
America first, Yes. THEN help other countries.

panthergirl said...

As you must know, our economy is much more complex than that. Very often when we aid other countries it is exchange for things that we in turn need.

We don't follow the "America First" rule in many cases, not the least of which is the current war in Iraq.

I think if people are going to be opposed to something vehemently (like amnesty for illegals) then they should have a clear alternative solution to offer. I haven't heard one from the other side yet.

What should we do with the people who are already here, with families?

David said...

pg, if I were in your house, with my family, without permission, what would you say to me?

I say, send them home peacefully, pay their way, if needs be, and make the ones who leave first be eligible first for readmission, legally.
create a race for the border ( in the right direction)
In calif we are being crushed by the burden of so many poor, we have plenty of home grown poverty to care for, we just can't take care of Mexico, Guatemala, el salvador as well.

I am very caring, buut also aware that my state, and my childrens futures are involved.

and I like that we can talk about it.