Wednesday, May 23, 2007

my interview questions

I visited contemblogging, and requested an interview, and here it is:

Suzanne: Hey thanks for stopping by. I tried to read some of your blogs first so I would know who I was talking to. Here goes....and happy blogging.

1. You keep 4 Blogs! How in the world do you find the time to post on them all, and which one was your first blog?
David: Well, I rarely sleep more than five hours a night, and I do have Matt to help post on the ADHD blog, Concrete coutertops is a work related blog, mostly pictures, so that is easy. Sugarloaf Mtn is my first and favorite, and I need to WRITE more to it, but life is so fun and exciting right now, I blog when I can, I live the rest of the 19 waking hours of the day.

S: You work in construction right? Have you ever hurt yourself really bad? ( I saw the photos of the nails through the skulls! yikes!)
I LOVE that picture - and I have worked with stupid guys that have hurt themselves or others badly. Once when I was doing a favor for a window cleaner guy I slashed a 1.5 inch cut in my forearm with a razor window scraper, another time I nicked my thumbnail with a Skilsaw. No big stuff , Thank the Lord, in heaven, who preserves me for better things with all ten fingers intact!

S: You are a Leo. Here's a blurb about Leo's. "Leos like to live like a king. (according to the stereotype of course) You are a very ambitious person and want to rise to the top in the profession of your choice. You have been blessed with a strong personality, which can take you places if you so desire. You are logical in your approach to most things but sometimes you get so confused over the small issues.
What kind of small issues confuse you?

D: Suzanne, really, astrology!? That is so Nancy Reagan! I live for the moment, I have ADD (bad!) and give thanks for the creativity and nuttiness it adds to my life. people around me adapt, or run for cover. The big issues are settled: When I die I go to heaven, and I will only worship God, not money. OOOO, i just read that again, I DO LIKE to live LIKE A KING! hmm.... now you got me contemblogging!

S: I haven't read State of Fear, but I would like to. What's the synopsis and your opinion.
I love that the research done for the book is referred to in the appendix, so its a fictional account of ecological idealism run amok, but it seems like it could happen. He is such a talented writer, reading him makes me want to try writing a book.

S: If I was going hiking at Big Bear Lake, where would you advise us to go?
Hike to The Teddy Bear Restaurant!
After a short stack of hotcakes, mosey across town to the Eastside Book Cafe and check your email, while having yummy coffee, then for altitude and views, hike north from highway 38 up to the Pacific Crest trail junction. AFterwards Hike to the creek runner lodge and soak in a hot bath.

There you go. That should keep you busy for a blog post!

Thanks again for playing,

Thanks to suzanne for the great questions. and thanks to my faithful readers for waiting a long time between posts! Its a very alive time in my life, and I am busy lliving it and dreaming of great things, and gardening!!!!


Chris said...

It is so nice that I'm not the only one who sleeps no more than 5 hours a night. Freaks everyone out in this household. If I sleep more than that, my day is completely ruined because I feel 'hungover'. Five'll do me!
Oh, and it's nice to know you still have all your appendages, too. ;)

Jennifer said...

I'm so glad that you're doing great...I worry when you don't post a lot that you're down in the dumps somewhere! It sounds like you are keeping busy and enjoying the beautiful CA weather!!
Big hugs for you (HUGS)...I enjoyed reading your post today! :)

Suzanne said...

well there you have it. That wasn't so hard was it? Great answers David, and I might just try that book.

angel said...

very cool! i love the inerview game- i learn so much about the bloggers i read!