Wednesday, May 09, 2007

go read, rejoice!



shirley buxton said...

Hello David.

This is the first time I have visited your site, and I really did enjoy reading here today.

Guess what! I also live in the beautiful San Bernardino Mountains--Crestline to be exact. Dearly love the place.

Right now, though, I am living in Lake Havasu, which I also like, although it is extremely different from southern California. 107 degrees it will reach today!


Shirley Buxton

Bob-kat said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog :) I went to see Minerva adn have popped by on and off for a while. Such great news!

Melli said...

Ahhhhh! I did read this this morning! This is fabulous news! HURRAH!

And thank YOU for stopping by MY blog this morning! I haven't seen you in forever, and haven't been by here in soooooooo long! I'm going to read down and catch up a little bit!

Linda said...

Michele sent me (as I noted in the post below, because I don't have the common sense to realize that this was the FIRST post - duh!). I'm glad to hear the Minerva's doing great!

Joe said...

That was good news!

Azgreeneyes said...

Thanks for dropping by, and I went over to Minerva's and left her a "woo hoo". Thanks for mentioning her in your comment!

Snaggle Tooth said...

I knew (have much faith) that my prayers would work for her!

Praise the Creator n all the candle-lightings which sent for hope!