Monday, April 09, 2007

midnight visitor from the planet stupid

i was asleep
i am not anymore
there was a deputy
at my door

"it's about your son,
no he is not hurt"
my head was foggy from sleep
his questions were offensive
too curt

( I did not want to describe my shirt)

there was an accident,
and this greenhorn sheriff
wants to play twenty questions
and my mind is too dull
but i know better than to insult him

he is short and you know how dangerous a short cop can be
( i hope he does not read my blog)
He tells lies, like they all do
his ends justify any means
he lives in a different world
full of bad guys

Secret asian man
they givin you a numba and takin wAAAY yo name !


David said...

i wrote that in the middle of the night, and no I am not going to edit it.
email me if you are family and need details.

jel said...

hope all is well!

David said...

Jared's cycle was stolen and recovered, and is in impound $%#*&!

Spookie the Warrior said...

I second what Jel said.
Nothing too serious...

jel said...

sorry to hear that !

Joe said...

I just love the stream of consciousness!

Were you conscious?

Jennifer said...

Argh!! What a pain!!
Come visit my blog...

David said...

trickle of semi-low-fat-consciousness, joe

Jayleigh said...

um.... just wondering if everone's alright! Praying.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad it wasn't anything life threatening.

BTW - I agree with the short cop thing (don't tell anyone I said that :-) I have met a few with a big chip on their shoulders.

Barbara said...

I hope everything has worked out.
Glad you didn't have to describe your shirt.
Why didn't your son call himself? I hope he's okay.