Sunday, March 18, 2007

tale in two pictures

below, a serene duck pond.
I love ducks, even when the start quacking at the first gray light of the dawn.
These live across the street from me for as long as they are on their nests and raising their young.

below that - my pond away from home. I pampered myself with a night at the Raddison, where even the bed has a remote control ( Select Comfort) for good sleeping after a day of concrete, and a good hearty breakfast in the morning. I liked the mirror shot, reminded me of my friend Carmi, and all his hotel pictures.

I have added e few new friends to my list of favorites
Do check then out often - and ALWAYS go see Minerva,
She has excellent writing skills, a great vocabulary, and a pure heart.


Carmi said...

I love the shot, David, and I love that you thought of me as you captured your well-deserved hotel experience with your camera.

I've got a couple of interesting trips coming up, so your posting this has inspired me to ensure I don't drop the ball as soon as I check in.

Vid Digger said...

Nice photos, David! We have tons of streams where I'm at, and my favorite which runs along the outside of a town has ducks and a swan.

Deana said...

Nice ducks!

Barbara said...

I like the bird photography. It can become addicting, not that I know from personal experience, of course.

Carol said...

Just popped over to say hello David... love the photograhy

Joe said...

I like the ducks.

Nice picture.

Snaggle Tooth said...

We get tons of geese n some swans in the cove.

The lamp pic had WWCP all over it before I ever read the post above!