Thursday, February 15, 2007

through a glass darkly


David said...

it is what I now call the "Carmi effect" when ordinary mindless moments get superceded by the need to digitalize and zoom in on ( or through) ordinary objects.

Chelle A. said...

Hi David, I'm here via Michele. I'm off to check out your blog!

Good things,

Mr. Althouse said...

Hi David. I wasn't sure what you newest post was referring to, so I thought I'd leave you something here on an equally interpretive post. I like how the background is visible beyond the glass yet still remains unfocused. As if to say that the obvious is not the only obstruction to seeing clearly.

Michele sent me,


Kristal said...

Nice! Here via Michele... off to look at some more pictures.

David said...

10% EVOO
90% soybean oil
a delicious effect

Becky68 said...

Very nice, Green being my favorite color I like this alot. your tag line below it says oil, are the bubbles in it in oil in the bottle or in the glass?
Here from Micheles tonight.

David said...

plastic bottle: $1.00
cheapo olive oil: (included)
killing time waiting for daughter:

seeing the world in a new way: priceless.

update - 3 more hours in the dental chair today, 3 more teeth restored, all pain, some gain, I took pics but YOU can't see them yet.