Sunday, January 14, 2007

Ten picks for a Sunday morning.

Ten things or people I would recommend
in no particular order:

Hot Cereal - Zoom wheat cereal, and no its not named for the sound you will make as you race to the bathroom.

Outside temperature: try to chose an outside temperature that ( at seven in the morning) is at least two digits long, not a single digit number like 3 or any triple digit number.

Roommate: Go with someone who does not make you crazy, but if you can, its fun to have someone YOU can make seem crazy. ( this one is tricky, email for more tips)

Living close to the Ocean or the mountains? tough call, but I will pick the mountains, where less people crowd on holiday weekends. If you can be near both, do it! Can you say... New Zealand! (I applied to be the gardener at Cher's new house over there).

When you are thinking about having children or not, ALWAYS err on the side of having children, since even the fact that you are THINKING about it shows you are giving enough to contribute to the continuation of our species.

A book to read: Mark Steyn wrote America Alone
not just to scare the crap out of me, he wants YOU scared too!

Emails to ignore: If it sounds like this "Let me start by introducing my self, I am Mr. ( different name fom email name) and I am a Bank officer at ANYbank in ANY African nation. I have a concealed business suggestion for you." This is a loser

Newspapers to NOT subscribe to: Los Angeles Times! As a matter of fact don't even pick it off the news stand unless you want the sunday edition for the Calendar and Travel sections.

movies not to watch: Anything with Sean Penn in it ( uggh, Mystic river... gag!) ditto Tom Cruise after Top Gun, and all things J-Lo.

Choosing a hot beverage: Tea or coffee depending on which side of the Atlantic you are on, with milk in it, of course, unless you live in Michigan.
When in Fiji, drink the Kava and hold on to your hat!

--------------- three more as a bonus ---- R U lucky, or what?--

To go to therapy or not: Go at least enough to expose yourself, leave if the couselor does not know more than you do. Group therapy can be better than television ( of course so can watching eggs fry in butter).

Choosing a career/ job: Go with what you love, Money is a poor substitute for passion.

Blogging, and friends: Choose friends first, and if you can find friends who blog, all the better, since they will understand you. Set minimum standards for frequency of posting and quality of content, and then disregard them. Friends are friends no matter how little they write.

God bless you all on this glorious Sunday, the mountain word is linked to webcams in Big Bear.


mar said...

Great tips David, I am e-mailing you for more, as you generously offered :)
happy sunday!

Carmi said...

Wise advice on so many levels. I'll keep it in mind the next time I wake up early and need some much-needed guidance.

You're an insightful man indeed, David.

Andrea said...

I love the mountains too. I'd love to be a little bit closer to them. Though I'm about an hour from a lovely mountain with an even lovelier waterfall.

BTW, Gordon Lightfoot is still alive and kicking. He's touring now, though he's had some close calls, healthwise in the last 4 years.

Mitey Mite said...

Interesting assortment. We could have a couple of lively conversations. Michele sent me today.

Oracle said...

Really enjoyed the ten Picks ;)

Thanks for the comments ;)

colleen said...

Have you ever had Kava? I actually liked Mystic River...maybe because it was filmed in my hometown...It was intense though. Micheling.

David said...

mar got her extra advice, Carmi is just being nice, because he is nice.
Glad to have all your thoughts, and look forward to more discussions.
No colleen I ahve heard about it and read about it, but have to wait to get to Fiji.... still waiting.....