Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Rocky Balboa

lets go ten rounds about why an OLD GUY
( my code name) would want to get beat up
by some young kid
and is it BELIEVABLE?
but even if you don't believe, you can take a lot away from this movie.
I am glad I saw it tonight
I took my ice cream sandwich and my Peanut M&M's in with me
and managed to enjoy and not over analyze this film.
It won't win any awards,
nor make a zillion dollars
but I got to hand it to Stallone,
he looks in pretty good shape.
and I like the way his relationship to his son is portrayed.

sorry for the weird beef jerky post( below).
I need to go back to making jam, or my new passion:
Italian cooking!
look for me on Food channel ( in about a hundred years!)


Snaggle Tooth said...

Sly always manages to get me rootin for him, too. He's been one of my favs from way back! (remember "Rambo?") Amazing how the Rocky formula always works, I'll have to catch that one some time-
Thanks for the review

Carol said...

Hi, David,
I also watched the Rocky movie. Usually not something I would normally watch..I too loved the relationship he had not only with his son but with any one he knew..and it was just lovely how much he still loved his wife..I am not into watching the fighting one bit..however Rocky's heart made the movie a feel good...

And tell me what is a ice cream sandwich??

donna said...

Norman would be so pleased!!!

David said...

Carol, dear.
an Ice cream sandwich is two cookies, surrounding a slab of ice cream, so that you can eat it with your hands.

Jodes said...

yeah I want to see it too, he does look to be in pretty good shape. good for you. glad you saw it.

Neo said...

David - I'm waiting for it to come out on DVD. Sadly I think someone actually gave up the ending to the movie on a website I was reading a few weeks back. They really didn't spend much money making it, so any profit over 1 million is all black ink.

They did a lot of filming in my old neighborhood (Kensington) I'm looking forward to see how it looks in this film. On a good day it usually looks like a bomb hit it. From what I've read, that's more or less how it was filmed for part VI.


- Neo

JMH said...

I have no interest in Rocky, David, but I do have interest in chewy, preserved meats. The "gnaw" is something holy from our most primitive ancestors, like Michele, who sent me.

utenzi said...

I've heard that the new Rocky movie is good and I can tell that Stallone is in great shape from the promos I've seen for the movie. I don't know if I'm going to see it just because of the bad taste the last 2 movies left in my mouth. Maybe I'll wait for the DVD 'cause I am interested in seeing it...

Michele sent me over to see you on your mountain, David. Congrats on getting your 15,000th visitor the other day!

Jodes said...

you ok David? hope you have a good weekend, come by my blog today if you have time.