Monday, January 01, 2007

2006 was good

and i ended it with MORE wood in the pile and Dr, Stihl worked out all my mental problems ( almost )
He is the best shrink I will ever have, and does not take much more than a bit of gas and two-cycle oil.

Happy New years all! Looking forward to a great year.

Tomorrow, pictures of the stars, YES! Posted by Picasa


Catherine said...

That's a great photo of your chain saw! Happy New Year from me and Michele

angel said...

happy new year to you david!

donna said... was indeed good....full of more sweet than bitter...

I am still working on corporate knowing you promote Dr. Stihl

I have emailed you a link to a blog of gorgeous pictures..that I thought you might enjoy...

Much love to you.....and God's blessings for 2007.


Jayleigh said...

LOVE this pic!

David said...

catherine, donna, angel, jayleigh, thank you all for your well wishes.