Saturday, November 25, 2006

sesame street

Today's post is brought to you by the letter M
for Mayonaise
on my turkey sandwich
and the letter C for carve
I do love to carve the big bird
just like my dad did, when he was with us.

so much I have picked up from him
and from his love of learning by reading and

yay Dad, you showed us how!
Your skillful hands have been recreated at the ends of my arms
Thankful for a family that values its heritage and invests in its future.

Thanks to the aunts and uncles that make my kids life more exciting and more fun.


srp said...

I miss the turkey sandwiches with mayo this year... with Nyssa off at her dad's, it was just my parents and I so we went out... less mess.
Here from Michele.

Barbara said...

Giving thanks makes your own life richer. Great blog David.

Jayleigh said...

David what an awesome post... and an especially great tribute to your dad!

Terri said...

Hi from Michele's.....What a nice post. Isn't it amazing what's passed on to us when our loved ones leave us?

jel said...

S is for Shock , you Carve Big Bird! it's a sad sad day!

I will miss him! :(

Claire said...

Great post David. I popped over from Michele's.

Ravvy said...

We just have Christmas over here. We dont have a Thanksgiving, tho sometimes i wish we did just so twice in the same month families could appreciate each other more than they do with the once a year 'it'll only last a couple of hours'.

But you have your traditions and we have ours. Any day that I spend or speak with my family I thank God they are alive and well. Every friend I spend time with every other day I thank God for them being my rock that I need in hardtimes. Every stranger that becomes my friend I Thank God that He gives us miracles everyday. God is so amazing. It breaks my heart that people dont know how amazing He is!

God bless you and your family this Thanksgiving, David.
And God bless your 'Dad's hands' :)

Carmi said...

You never cease to amaze me with your words of inspiration and hope.

In my family, we often speak of moving things from generation to generation. It's a fundamental truth that we teach our next generation the lessons we learned from those who came before us.

My kids never knew my grandfather, but thanks to this basic ethos, I see so much of him in them. So when I read this entry, it evoked a very powerful memory and response. Thanks!

Malinda777 said...

Oh, I've enjoyed the leftovers too. We loved them so much, I believe we'll be done by weekend's end.

I remember too my father carving the turkey. It's just a man's job when possible, and the man of the house. I taught my sons when I was a single mom, and even though we had a few "ugly" turkeys, we had lots of joy cutting them up.

My second husband does it now, just doesn't seem right the man of the house not carving the turkey :)

Claire said...

Great from Michele's! hi!

kenju said...

David, this is one of the nicest short posts I have ever read.

C could also be for cranberry sauce!