Friday, November 17, 2006

not much writing lately

i love this topic (Attention Deficit Disorder) and the stories that many of you are relating. While some of it is serious, there are light and humorous moments.

Sometimes,I will be driving down the main road, and look over at my daughter
and say "I have no idea where we are going." and for a few moments I do not. My mind, behind the wheel, with my eyes staring through the windshield, will blank out the next thing we are supposed to do.

I also forget a lot, and seem to lose things, like my wallet, but I never panic because I know they are not lost, I am. we will be reunited soon enough.
The other morning I found money in my pants pocket. $49 and then I went downstairs and was looking through another pair of shorts ( yes it was 65 here today and I wore shorts til 6pm) and I found $50. it was 99 dollars in found money, and quickly spent before it could "disappear" again.
what is your funniest 'lost and found' story?

I have really had a burst of ambition from knowing I have the meds. Thank God
and thank all who are praying.


Mike said...

I wish I would Find money in my clothes. I found a hundred dollar bill on the ground in a parking lot once but thats it.

Here from Michele

Carol said...

Hi, David,

I lose so much lately..often my car keys, sometimes my car, when I lose the car what is the good of having keys...:)

Money the best finds are in the washing machine, which falls out of my families pockets,It maybe not too much.. but it's not mine in the first place so I gain...the rule in my house is, "money in machine is mine" Once I found 3 X $50 notes, in the machine.. huge find..but got the guilts and gave it back to the rightful owner.:)

I also lose my glasses,I can't see a thing without if I can't see, how do I find them ?

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure what my funny story is but I find myself in the middle of talking to someone and then it's as if my brain stops, because I stop talking and suddenly have no idea what I was talking about nor what I was going to say. It worries me that this is more than ADD.

srp said...

Here from Michele.

I once bought Valentines for my daughter to use in school. I got them about two months ahead of time from Current. Then I put them in a SAFE place. Ah, yes, the proverbial "safe place". I didn't find them for four years.

MTR said...

I totally want to write about my ADD experience, but I still feel I need to do it anonymously.

The medication I am on has been a major answer. I fought it for too long, all because I thought I wasn't trusting God. So I just denied a problem that hurt people around me (and it also hurt me).

Now that I feel helped I want to shout it to everyone...