Sunday, November 05, 2006

close up

Dove wing - extended

this is part of the mystery of flight.
and the joy of being close to nature

( yes, I was holding a dead bird in my hands before lunch, all you mom's out there calm down!) Posted by Picasa


Prego said...

I scooped up a dead bird in my yard with the dog's pooper scooper. It was kind of decapitated, so I was too grossed out to snap a picture of it.

here via michele tonight.

Carol said...

David, I hope you washed your hands before you ate your lunch...but even so whether the bird was dead or not the feathers are beautiful....and so is the mystery of flight..

Snaggle Tooth said...

I knew it! (after the Blackbird wing shot) You must have a telescopic zoom for these shots.

I just hope it's not the Bird Flu killing these creatures!

Spookie the Warrior said...

The way birds fly without any real effort or question, they just up and fly away, will never cease to amaze me. How wonderful and clever is our God to have created such things that NO man can even come close to copying...

David said...

today the role of 'mom' is being played by carol, who writes beutifully. Snaggle, please relax, both blackbird and dove were narciscistic and flew into their own reflekshins ( hey shane!). spookie, can you imagine being a bird, to experience all that must be better than our technical knowledge of how to make a poor mechanical imitation.
Prego, you get an honorable mention for finding a way to sneak pooper into your comment.
Have a beautiful day EVERYONE and watch out for sliding glass doors, they hurt.