Saturday, September 16, 2006


so now the pope is in trouble with the Muslims
because he said something about the teaching of their book being ( related story)
(in parts) evil and inhuman. Some muslms are demanding an apology.
Wouldn't it be cool if the pope for just five minutes could have Richard Nixon's vocabulary?
Just so he could just tell the people who are cutting off childrens' hands for stealing and stoning women for going out in public without their 'man', that not only their teaching but also their ancient primitive practices are evil and inhuman, and as far as an apology, **** you!


Shane said...

i think when the world realizes that some people like pizza better than hamburgers, we'll probably get somewhere without going through a hail of bullets to get there.

MuddyOtter said...

That made me laugh! I for one would love to see the Pope use that specific phrase...

Carmi said...

Why is it that every time some religions are insulted, the world cringes in anticipation of widespread rioting and attacks? Other religions, when slighted, will instead engage in vigorous debate.

Am I the only one here who wonders why Muslim fundamentalists are the only religious fundamentalists who seem intent on killing non-believers in the name of their chosen deity?

Fundamentalist Christians, last I saw, didn't threaten war if someone dared to call them on the carpet.

Snaggle Tooth said...

There's a fundamental flaw with any people killing other people claiming to be religious, period!

David said...

oh carmi, you are so misinformed, seeing as the christians and Jews have long conspired to wipe out the palestinians (tongue in cheek)