Tuesday, August 22, 2006

time away

its always wonderful to get away
its hard not to want to make vacation last forever
what comes easy for me is being a dad
and that job is right here at home
so even when its hard to do, I will push the vacation into its proper place
and focus on getting Miss Hannah though her next project for school
( I did really well on this morning's assignment)
and on helping Jared make sound decisions for his educational future.
I never wanted fathering to be easy
its a great gig
if it were easy, every man would be doing it.
They are not ( witness the front page of every local paper)
whatever my weaknesses: I am Dad
and I am good at it.


jel said...

I bet you are!

Ragnar said...

Nice design man..
You created your own right?
If not, I'm interested as in where you found it..
Like some of your posts, but..

David said...

design by Barbara, of "trying to catch up" blog fame and host to BlogOlympics. she is a wonder! The banner picture is my own - a sunrise in my front yard in winter.
thanks Ragnar, who gave you your name?

Spookie the Warrior said...

Dads are so special, even more when they are Godly Dads. God bless!!

Carmi said...

I love this entry, David. As a Dad, it moved me, and I wish other fathers would read your words and let the spirit of this entry help them become better fathers.

Michele would absolutely agree.