Wednesday, August 09, 2006

I've got it!

my virus alert comes up with
heal now?
which I clicked on
and it was either a gag or I was to late
something ate or renamed my file

so I am limping along last night and today
half the stuff on y computer does not work
buy I still get my vacation
Thursday night...... Yah!


phoenix said...

If you need help, just holler. You can also go here for help... let it do its thing. Best anti-virus around... ever.

C said...

That so sucks. Hope the virus gets fixed.

David said...

yes, got it restored
i love my machine again
(9but not as much as my chainsaw)

David said...

thanx Phoe, i ran housecall, it found spyware, but could not completely eradicate it.
c, I used a 'restore point' from my backup files. seems to have worked
Donna, yu know I only have room in my heart for one non mechanical love, and its You!

Carmi said...

Makes me want to buy a Mac.

Glad it all worked, out, David. And I'm glad you were able to get away on vacation.

It's richly deserved,