Tuesday, August 01, 2006

having a fine time on Monday Night!

tonight has been a busy one:
packing my Explorer for tomorrows trip south ( work)
testing out the BBQ repair by grilling 3 chickens
making 12 jars of peach jam from about 16 pounds of peaches
( this took til midnight)
testing out the chicken: yum
trying a bite or three of the jam: double yum!
praying now for my friends in Israel
I love you! God keep you all safe.
In the morning I am making a trip to Escondido at 6 am
to tear out and reinstall a shower, tile it,
and tile in a bathroom sink.
Piece of cake! - matter of fact it may be BIRTHDAY cake ( #51)

I'll be back on the blog in time for Michele's
Meet n Greet on friday.
You BET!
wouldnt miss that for the world.

Then on saturday night
i will go see this


jel said...

safe trip!

is it your birthday! happy b day!

phoenix said...

Oh geeze! I am so jealous of you! I hate to admit it but I heart Bowie and always have!

Happy Birthday David. Sorry that you will be away from home, but have a great one anyway!

BarBarA said...


yOU WILL LOVE THE BOWIE TRIBUTE CONCERT, David Brighton is so talented!

Malinda777 said...

I really envy you guys that get so MUCH done in ONE day. Happy Birthday and have a blast at the Bowie show...sounds fun!

David said...

turns out I bought a cheesecake from trader Joe's - with homemade peach preserves it should be good

Live, Love, Laugh said...

sounds good, peach jam, never had any!!! Have a safe one