Friday, August 18, 2006

FFMB marches on

Friends of the friendless marching band
is celebrating one year of friday marches to add comments to blog sites that had few readers.
they cheer me up and brought a new sense of community to my blog life.
I remember nominating Sabrina, and enjoying having several band members stop by to say hello. she joined and has had some fun marching with us these past months, while she was busy with school and bringing a new baby into this wacky world.
many thanks to barbara, who designed my template and imported my banner ( she is a techie) and i never had so much fun as during her BlogOlympics, where I was accused of terrible things and almost thrown out for having no fashion sense.

so take a trip friday night and go see some of my old friends.
Thay are not old, just extremely mature!


Carol said...

That's me, the mature one! Thanks for partying with us today.

Odat said...

this is a hoot! what is it all about anyway?

Goofy Girl said...

I'll go visit them, thanks for the recommendation!

Michele sent me.

nobody girl said...

happy FFMB anniversary!

theremin, clogger

TNChick said...

Happy FFMB-iversary!

Barbara said...

Hey - I am not mature! It's been great fun blogging with you David!

Ravvy said...

i hope the name is not true... 'friendless???'
i hope the friends of the friendless marching band have just superb friends... thats alot of friends in one sentence... so there really are lots of friends!!

As always, David, its been great to read your blog and share in your lifes journey...

Here via Micheles today (but i haunt you anyway :D)

utenzi said...

I like Carol's blog and there are a few other names on there that I've not been to in a long time but recall fondly. Maybe I will wander down the list a bit during these wee hours of the night, David.

Michele sent me to the mountain to visit with you, David. Hi!

jel said...

I have been wonding what FFMB was,

thanks for clearing that up for me!

happy FFMB ANNiversary :)

mar said...

Hi from one of the extremely mature ones :)

Jeff H said...

Glad you've found a sense of community in the blogosphere. It's what keeps me posting (well, when I bother to post any more; been busy lately).