Tuesday, August 29, 2006


3pm tuesday and a new fire is burning south of us
400 acres
its hot and breezy down there today
pray for the firefighters
and the chopper pilots
will update periodically

Pre dawn smoke smell
hanging in the cool air
grim but determined men
begin to suit up for their day in hell
a community prays
God's mercy and provision
it's not a good day
but not a bad one either
we live in the mountains
after all!
update saturday - fire surrounded
humidity going up
humanity having success this tim over nature's forces.
a thankful mountain community breathes a sigh of relief


byHisgracealone said...
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Killired said...

dang... (trying to stop cussing) that really sucks.. i hope it gets no where near you... you've been so busy this year with these fires... will def add this to the prayer list!

C said...

this makes my lost keys seem so trivial. I hope everything goes well.

David said...

update: fire laying down - 1000 men and seven aircraft are keeping it small. 60% containment so far