Wednesday, July 19, 2006

to ad or not to ad

there is a prompt each time I go to post that says I can make money ( haha)
by posting ads on my blog.
Why would I want to do that? who would want ads on their blog?
we live in a world full of ads and its nice to read someones blog without having to ignore that flashing banner telling you what to buy.

I don't need more stuff, I need less
and my blog is a place for less.

So pay no attention when I say that I am typing this on a Belkin keyboard, it appears on a Nokia Monitor, and that for connectivity I chose Charter Cable (blazing fast) and a Linksys router.
I really should think of something more profound to write about, but its so hot up here in the loft room, that I am going to twist the top of my O'Doul's and enjoy the chill of the Hampton Bay fan. Life is strange, or is it just me?
(drinking) AHHHH that's good!

---------------Thursday -----------------
I just read Ken Jennings Blog
and today of all days he has tried to help Jeopardy! with some suggestions for how to improve their show ( after all that money he got, the ingrate!) go look at it - he is smart and a witty writer. with money to burn, I guess, Thanks to Alex Trebek.

did I mention I have no camera this week ? sad!


phoenix said...

Oy! It is 4:30 am here, hotter than a witch's... well you know and a ice cold beer sounds delish!

and yes the heat woke me up... grrrrrrr

jel said...


stay cool!! :)

Shelley said...

I don't like the ad thing on the blogs either...and I wonder if you really do make money with it. I'm skeptical really.

Chrissie said...

Hey David,
Are you out of the woods yet?

(meaning the fire.....)

here from Michele's, as usual

I wish I were getting paid for those ads on my site.... and how about those pop-ups!

Florence said...

Hi David, just thought I'd back track and read your blog. Thanks for dropping by, see you at Michele's:)

RennyBA said...

How lovely to find an ads free blog. I felt relaxed and good on first sight!
Here from Michell and I'm glad because then I can say hello from Norway and I wish you a toasty weekend - cheers:-)

Melli said...