Sunday, July 09, 2006

Sailboat on a sling

In order to get at the center board to inspect and varnish it we hung the stern from a porch post and a 2x6 ( angled board) to lift the 'baby' off her trailer.
Now almost ready for the water, I just need to fight the paper work through the DMV and the Lake district to get a boating permit. Posted by Picasa


Dave said...

Is that a Wayfairer?
Here from Michele's this evening.

David said...

no dave - its a LIDO 14
but when I go to get paper work it will transform itself into a "homebuilt" its cheaper that way.

Snaggle Tooth said...

When I was teenie-bopper, a friend n I built a wooden 10-ft sailboat (from scratch).
take note: The best piece of equiptment we brought on our maiden sail across Lake Cotichuett was a cut-off-bottom, plastic milk container to use as a bailer... was more like being in a bathtub than a boat! (until we tightened up the wood-screw caulk job after that)
When's the last time ya called "Anna-Belle Lee!" ?? (before comin about)

Carmi said...

Reminds me of my summers as a teen, when I went to camp north of Montreal and learned to sail Lasers. I can still feel what it was like to let out the sheets, hike back over the side and feel the boat finely balanced in your hands.

Few things come close to that elemental feeling of control.