Sunday, July 23, 2006

the rising

the light grows as the sun pushes up below the horizon
scattering a dozen colors across the vast expanse of sky
the display brightens my spirit, and strikes the sleep from my watery eyes
a crows flies over as if he was shot out from a rifle
cawing, wings beating the heavy air, wet from last nights storm
the night retreats, the day attacks, life is on the move again
the gift of God in this one day, to unwrap, enjoy and revel in.
Some will miss the treasure here, wearing a scowl, grumbling
the simple things are of no value to them
a child's laugh , a mother's smile.
Two lovers sitting for a while
the sun's warmth on a face up turned, cool grass on bare feet
and silence blesses the one who waits, to hear what others miss
voice in the wind, the spirit whispers, "calm yourself, be at rest"
no chasing after, to aquire. no racing round to fill the void
don't miss the treasure buried there, inside of you
the magic of life if you slow down
to see, to feel, to enjoy the sweet sound
of living on a mountain


kenju said...

Very nice, David! Did you write it? I agree that too many of us too often miss the lgories of each day by focusing too much on the mundane/

Michele sent me.

David said...

yes, its mine.

Last Girl On Earth said...

Beautiful poem, David. Truly. Now, if it weren't so damn hot so early in the morning, I could enjoy the sky even more! (I'm visiting in Florida.) Seriously, Michele sent me and I'm really glad she did. Have a great weekend.

Sarah said...

I love the poem. It has such an awesome message. Now if only it wasn't over 100 degrees so I could go enjoy the day.
Michelle sent me.

Snaggle Tooth said...

I wish I had more time to just sit, rest, n take in the gifts of my day. I relish those moments!

This piece reminded me of prayers from my Uncle the Monk who lives on a mountain in Weston Vermont-

Pearl said...

oh!! all this and you're a poet too

"a crows flies over as if he was shot out from a rifle" awesome rendering.