Wednesday, July 26, 2006

painting in a fog of dog poop fumes

I hope nobody googled DOG POOP and found me that way....
I had to paint this fence today
it hems in three large dogs who surprisingly do not know how to pick up their own poop and carry it out to the curb on trash day. Silly dogs!

at the east end of the fence the smell was horrid, so I started there, knowing it would get worse. By the time I was within 20 feet of the west end I could barely breathe. the effect of months of three dogs crapping and weeks of rainstorms making it smell worse was literally sickening. There was no one to paint but me. I would not send a hireling to do this job, since there is no amount of money that would make it worth while absorbing the decaying feces of three LARGE dogs that is carried aloft by a thousand flies.
It was a really good day to say, "I can't do this." But somehow I lasted two hours and most of it is painted. I will go back after the HAZ- MAT team has made it safe to do so. The treat at the end of the day was a chance to get a picture of a HUGE spider in a doorway, very cool. i will insert those later. I have to go shower, RIGHT now.


kenju said...

ICK, David. Isn't there some way to neutralize the smells so you can stand it? I should think that all that rain might have pulverized it by now.

Shane said...

GAK! Dog poop is the worst

Snaggle Tooth said...

I would send the customer a bill for pain n sufferring, so they would think about buing the poop on a regular basis.

How inconsiderate!

Not worth the bux I bet!

David said...

shane I must agree - even with having 20 chickens in a coop, and having to deal with that in winter ( squish) I think that Dogs are not man's best friend. they are flies' best friend.