Sunday, July 16, 2006

a man is allowed two loves

I think that a man is allowed to love His chainsaw if he wishes to do so.
He may also love his dog or cat, and most certainly will love
the fine woman who cares for him and convinces him that he is
the most special man in the whole world or at least a close second.

I drove over the summit pass today, closer to the fire to help friends
prepare their property to make it more defensible if the Fire makes it that far.
from 7 this morning to 3pm I whacked at trees and bushes that were too thick, too tall and all a bit dead and dry. I really appreciated seeing this whole family; mom, dad, four sons work hard together all day to try to save their property and their business. I did not have a camera
but the picture is this: Familial love, unbounded and set against a terrible natural force.
it would make a great short story. I was honored to witness such a powerful bond between brothers, between mom and dad, between a family and the ladn they cared for and needed to exist. today was a beautiful day.
When I washed my hair the shower immediately smelled of wood smoke, my jeans are caked with sawdust mixed with oil and exhaust. my back and shoulders ache, but its a good feeling.
It is right to care, to do something to help. It is what neighbors do, here, anyway.

Congrats to Jayleigh and her hubby Rob, who took their first week at the new church, May God's blessings go before you and follow you as well!


Snaggle Tooth said...

My mother would've argued with your thought of "being able to love a chain saw" as she used to argue about not loving pets... until the dog that changed her mind-
(Luckily, I'm an independent thinker)

I hope your chainsaw remains steadfast n faithful, n may her hard work remain a shining example for all those involved for future generations!

Mike said...

I hope your friends and your hard work helps save there property.

Michele sent me

TamWill said...

I'd say you are a good neighbor, chainsaw and all! :O)

JayneSays said...

Hello, David. Michele sent me. (Oh and we live in northern California and my husband is a helicopter pilot) Cheers!

Jennifer said...

Loving your neighbors? What a perfectly novel idea! God bless.

Malinda777 said...

It is special to help someone in need sometimes.

Absolutely, you may love your chainsaw, your bass boat, your keg refrigerator, all of it. A good wife understands and encourages such things :)

Jayleigh said...

Your words paint a picture that causes tears in my eyes.

Thank you for your well wishes. Rob was away at Seminary all week long. He came home last night and is a changed man, yet again. God is so wonderful and never failing. He is awesome and awe inspiring and I don't remember life "before" Him anymore.

Rob and I are so blessed with your friendship David. Thank you!!!!