Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Night watchman

Edward slept in his work clothes, the Remington Wingmaster 12 guage rested near his left hand and three shells were in the pocket of his jeans. Mildly uncomfortable on a strange bed, but strangely at ease in the dark, and with the thought that an angry man may walk through the front door. It would be up to the shotgun and himself to see that the 'bad guy' did no harm and was made to answer for the crime of breaking and entering. while he is not sure if his anger is hot enough to shoot this man, clearly he will defend self and this home if needed and be sure to subdue the lowlife until the police arrive.
To his surprise he sleeps deeply, and woke once or twice in the strange room to what seemed to be a sound at the door. Waiting in silence, hoping to determine if that sound was real or imagined. No more noises, no night creeping creep.
It's colder now so Edward adjusts a cover, resuming his watch, through closed eyes.
The dog will alert on any sound or nearby motion, so he dozes again, waking as dawns first grey streaks push back the night and reveal a calm both inside and out. He leaves now, happy that on this night he saw nothing, never had to load the gun, and yet accomplished his purpose.


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This is interesting. Is it something you're writing now?

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margalit said...

This made me nervous, so you must be doing something right! I don't like the thought of someone sleeping with a gun, just incase. Scares me.

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