Friday, June 23, 2006

Fears - what is this

it crops up from time to time
to challenge my normal quietude
In my heart and based on God's promises I know I will never be wanting
fear of starving to death is not the issue, fear of always being under this sort of pressure is.

In God's family I have acceptance, love, and a place to contribute
I just fear that I am not enough like the other children to belong
its this sort of fear that is irrational, yet real

I wasted a lot of my younger years, I wasted some of my middle years
I don't think it would be smart to waste any more time.
I need to figure some things out and be SURE this time.

I like my life, and yet I know there is more
I liked my 50th year, with all the ups and downs
and the arrival of summer has me in a good place
with many opportunities to grow in trust and
to practice decision making not based on fear.


phoenix said...

The same bug that bit me, bite you too?? Oy, Hugssssss anyways and a big smile!

Jayleigh said...

David, this blesses me and ministers to me SO MUCH! You are such a great friend, a strong Christian and a good man. Thank you for sharing this today.

Tracie said...

This is a really great post!

Here from Michele!

Shelli said...

Very beautiful and moving.

colleen said...

In some ways it all comes down to two choices...fear or love. I'm dancing over from michele's.

Cyndy said...

Those are some simply moving and beautiful words, David.

cyndy said...

whoopsie..forgot to say Hi from Michele

Michele said...

Stopping by to say hello...

How wonderfully moving and profound.
The fact that you are now aware of how precious time is, suggests that you will no longer waste it. Sharing posts like this is a wonderful way NOT to waste time.