Wednesday, May 31, 2006

i want to be a deer

I want to lay down on the grass and snooze away the afternoon in the warm sunshine, with my doe by my side and my belly full of fresh grass. I also want ten thousand dollars, quick!
while I am on my wish list
I want a more fuel efficient car
I want all the people that snuck into our country without permission to GO BACK HOME!

I want our politicians to remember who they represent.
I want someone some where to answer my questions about why birds build nests and then don't lay any eggs?
I also would like a fresh loaf of San Franciso Sourdough bread delivered to my door each monday and Thursday.
I will think if more things later - byePosted by Picasa


phoenix said...

Doe-rae-me? :)

Nice list there David... we could all use a few on that wish list.

Mine is much longer and would take days to list them all, so I will take just what I need for now. Hugsssss

Katie said...

Ha, I like the list of wants, can I get in on that sourdough bread delivery thing?

P.S. Great pics.

Jayleigh said...

*big grin*

Snaggle Tooth said...

That's alotta want...
>why birds build nests and then don't lay any eggs?
* Cause some species male birds build a house to try to attract or impress a mate, who may then refuse the nest, n therefore them... It's important to get a good spot with a view, apparently!

- Hey, I see you got pretty good views this week

Sue said...

I would love to live where you are :) Someday. Here via michele's today :)

Anonymous said...

Fantastic post...fantastic site! Glad Michele sent me - I've discovered someone new! I'll be back!

tiff said...

here from Michele's, and man, could I add to that list. :>

lisa said...

I live where there are lots of deer, we usually see them running in front of our car or after having been hit by someone else's. You don't want to be a deer these days.

And especially not a buck - hardly ever see them seeing as how the hunters like to shoot them better than the does.

And not to mention all those deer ticks! The deer all wish they were human.

But they too would join us in our desire for a new and improved government.

Here from Michele's.

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

"I want our politicians to remember who they represent."

utenzi said...

Michele sent me over, David.

Being a deer would be nice as long as the hunters are few and far between. I remember reading Bambi when I was around 13, which was rather grim but quite interesting, and then the sequel, which was grimmer still. Bambi was cunning and smart but died all the same. Oh, well.

That $10k and the sourdough bread would be nice too, David.