Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Going to the mountains is going home...

John Muir said that.

Here I am at home looking at the pasture across the street. Someday they will build a huge house there. For now it is MY view.

Sugarloaf Mountain, and Lots of BLUE blue sky.
You can hike to the top, if you have strong legs, I want to do it this summer, as I have wanted to do so for most of the past 14 summers!

Other Kids come here on buses to enjoy the forest for a day. My children live here. I would not have it any other way. Posted by Picasa


phoenix said...

You have a small piece of heaven there David. The pictures are so peaceful and made me wish to see it someday.

Thank you for the (even if only a memory) feeling of crisp, clean air that one can only get from nature.

nettie said...

Protest the house, protest the house!

David said...

i finally climbed that mountain, yaY1