Friday, May 26, 2006

1000 mouthfuls of mud

Cliff swallows (not a gay porn star) nest above the Rite Aid drug store and the Vons in our local shopping center. They make these cool nests each spring from blobs of mud taken from the edge of the lake.
They try to discourage them - but they return to this location to raise their young each year. They are great flyers, and catch lots of nasty flying insects, so I say let them be!
Yet on the concret below is a mess that some business owners would rather not be scrubbing off the sidewalks.
It would be better if our community would concentrate on getting rid of other pests, like druggies, felons and illegals.
Oh and the lawyers and realtors.
and teenage drivers
and contractors who charge too much.
and people who tear out trees and put in pavement.
( you may add to my list. What shall we remove in your town?) Posted by Picasa


J. Andrew Lockhart said...

don't think I'd grab it! :)

Barbara said...

I say leave the birds alone and get a power washer. Power washers are fun to use and would come in handy for other purposes.

Crayonsetc said...

Nosy Politicians :) Or would that be democrats ::giggle::

I have to agree... let the birds do their thing and get out the power washer!!

phoenix said...

Bird poo is easier to clean up, than putting up with mosquitos, black flies and other such flying, biting nasties that pass along disease.

If they would build the birds a nesting place nearby, then they wouldn't have this problem eh?