Friday, April 14, 2006

very old chair

these are "Arrow back" chairs
made before or around 1900

a friend needs to sell them
to help out his daughter

Pray that he will find a buyer
quickly for a fair price. Posted by Picasa


Grins said...

Hope he finds a buyer for the chairs. I've seen the Honda ad before but isn 't it great? Michele sent me.

utenzi said...

Michele sent me out your way, David.

The chair looks nice, David. I'm sure your friend won't have any trouble selling them--I just hope he gets a good price.

I've never had "bangers" but I've often heard them referred to by Brits and in British TV and books. I'm glad you like them and am curious about them myself...

Carol said...

They are beautiful. Hope he gets a fair price.

Claire said...

I'm sure he'll find a buyer...they are lovely chairs.

Here from Michele's...Hi!

Joe said...

Great chairs! I pray he finds a buyer soon.

Bar Bar A said...

I have a chair like that. cool. hope he sells them.