Thursday, April 06, 2006

Thursday Thrice

I dont want to do yesterday over ( wed)
Nor am I much looking forward to friday
So I just have to make the most of today ( thursday)

1. I am alive, which is good if you are me.
2. I am not too sore from shoveling my drive and one other walkway
3. Shoveling is a biproduct of SNOWFALL
4. I messed up really badly
5. I tried to fix it
6. Don't know yet how well the fix is working.
7. I like to be cryptic ( can ya tell ?)
8. I am out of firewood again and its about Thirty F degrees this morning
9. I rented two movies last night and did not watch either one.
10. I have a lottery ticket in my wallet that I have not checked.
11. If it is as before with Lotto Tix, I am still broke
12. I dont mind being broke, but it would be more fun to have money
13. People with money do not appreciate it ( like I would).
14. I can't count.


Barbara said...

David - Hope the lottery ticket is a winner! My TT13

TNChick said...

Sorry something was messed up - hope it works out. I agree with 12/13 for the most part. My 13 is up today, too.

David said...

15. I am a non conformist

Lazy Daisy said...

Hey Dave, I've been missing you. Stay warm!

Mary said...

Great post - hope it all works out! Thanks for stopping by mine!

Killired said...

hahaha! so you're doing a thursday fifteen now huh? that's cool... or how about thursday thirty?

i want to win the lottery too... i want to live with financial freedom... think it'll ever happen?

Scouser said...

Hi Dave, thank you for visiting my 13 and if the lottery ticket is a winner how would you feel about donating a large sum to help fund my World Domination campaign?

mar said...

Missed your profile pic as entrance guidance to your blog. Visiting with the FFMB today, happy friday! Cheer up, life is too short.

Jade said...

Sorry to hear of your struggles. I'm Jaded about such matters so I wont go further. We obviously don't win the same lottery-I haven't checked it yet either.
This time visiting from Michele's. Make it a good day!

Prego said...

If you're still shoveling snow in April, it's time to move.

Nice to see you - Here via Michele today.

Sue said...

Not enough snow to shovel in MA this week but still a pain -- I feel for you. Thanks for visiting :)

Sandy said...

Hope today is better. Michele sent me over to wish you well.

srp said...

Sorry your day was bad. Not to make it worse but it is sunny and 74 here, although I would love to have the view out your window. I don't do hot and this summer looks to be just that.
Here from Michele.

Amanda said...

I hope today is a good day for you. Michele says hi

Kross-Eyed Kitty said...

If you win in the lottery, I hope you buy a snowblower!
Here via Michele's!

Lucy said...

How would you know that people with money don't appreciate it?
I won top prize in the lotto last year and I appreciate it greatly, even though it was only enough to buy a house in the poorest suburb. Still, I give thanks everyday. Don't be so negative!